This page has all the files available for download on this site, arranged in one area. There are probably links elsewhere, but its easier to find them here.

Geek of the Week Recordings

Geek of the Week is a weekly event on CFOX Radio in Vancouver. Here are the mp3's from the segment they did on my website.

First Segment

Second Segment


RealMedia (yeah, I know it sucks. I'll reencode it someday)

TechLive Interview



Times Herald Blurb

Moving Timelapsed Videos

These are timelapsed videos of the last week in my old house. Each frame representes one minute.

Office Cam
Lab Cam
Living Room Cam
RC Car Cam

Party Videos

These are the videos from the Hallween 2003 party. Foul language, sexy dancing, broken bones, girl on girl action. Fun for the whole family.... as long as they're all over 18. :)

First 2 hours
Last hour

These are the videos from Gertie's pre-post Birthday party. Pinka Coladas, Phone Sex commercials, people named Shithead and Clitoris, and a hotel manager forced to cow down in the face of the Mistress. No broken bones this time.

First hour

Source Code

Lampmaster 2000

Yes, I realize it's a corny name. But it's still cool. This is the server and client software that I wrote to control the lamps. Most of the complexity is in managing the extremly high volume of hits that the site would deliver to it, something most home automation software wouldn't require.

Lampmaster 2000

Barcode Files: (Warning, these are a MESS and don't even work right. :)

Text based client

CGI program to generate the Inventory page

Program to generate the individual inventory tracking log

Jeeves Files: (Warning. This is VERY buggy. I've included none of the libraries.. There's other programs required. etc etc etc. This is not for actual use, just to see what its doing.