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Jeeves is an experimental (and quite incomplete) natural language parser with some additional site specific control capabilities. The NLP features are currently broken and therefore should not be used until that capability is repaired. Other features however work properly and are available to certain users in the chatroom.

Webpage Message Feature

When someone sends a message from the webpage, Jeeves will relay that message to the chatroom. It will look something like this:
<Jeeves> (Anonymous_User556315:Office): ok. good day

Jeeves is of course the name of the bot. Anonymous_User556315 is the name of the visitor to the page. Most visitors will be assigned names that start with Anonymous_User, and others will be named Guest. Still others might have an assigned name. Names can be assigned in one of three ways. If they're currently in the chatroom at the time they send a message, the name will be permanantly assigned to whatever name they're using in the chatroom at the time. If they post a reply to a comment, whatever name they choose there will also be assigned. The site owner can also manually assign names.

Office is the name of the cam the user is looking at when the message is sent. This is particularly useful to determine if one of the more clueless people is attempting to talk to the slideshow.

Everything that appears after the ): is the message sent by the user.

Sending messages back to the webpage

If you want to reply to one of these users, there are two commands available for this purpose. Both commands send a message to exactly one user. Both of these commands require you to send a private message to Jeeves. Using these commands in the main channel will have no effect. You cannot send messages to anyone named Guest.

So to send a message to Anonymous_User556315, send the following message to Jeeves:
message Anonymous_User556315 Hello. This is a test message.

If Anonymous_User556315 was the last user to send a message, you can also send a reply with the following command:
reply Hello. This is a reply

Names are case sensitive for all of these commands. Copy/paste is the best way to assure you get the right nick.

Identifying Users

Ops only. To obtain the cookie reference number, ip address, and hostname of a user, use the identify command. It will also reveal if the individual in question is currently in the chatroom and what the nick is. This command can be issued in public or private. The format is as follows:
identify Anonymous_User556315

Jeeves will then respond with a line similar to this:
<Jeeves> Number: 556315 Name: Anonymous_User556315 IP: Hostname:

Examining IRC users

Ops only. The opposite of the identify command is the examine command. As input it takes an irc nick and checks to see if that user is operating the website, and what the cookie name is, and telling you if the user is blocked. This is the interactive method of accessing another feature. When a user joins the channel, Jeeves will use this method to see if the user has been blocked. If so, he will automatically kick the user out of the channel.

This command can be issued in public or private. Assuming Restil is the name of a user in the channel, the format is as follows:
examine Restil

Jeeves will then respond with a line similar to this:
<Jeeves> Nick: Restil Number: 2778933 Name: Restil IP: Hostname:
<Jeeves> User is not blocked.

If that user hasn't looked at the website recently, Jeeves will respond:
<Jeeves> This user hasn't been on the website recently.

To print the names of everyone in the channel that's operating the website:
examine everyone

Blocking Users

Ops only. If someone is sending extremely rude or offensive messages, or causing some other type of mischief with the webpage message feature, they can be blocked. The block command will restrict a user from sending messages, turning on/off lights, driving the RC car, or posting comments. The only activity they will be able to participate in is observing. This will not work if the user is named Guest. This command can be issued in public or private:

block Anonymous_User556315

Silencing Users

Ops only. Currently not available. This command is used as incentive to get an extremely chatty user into the chatroom instead of sending entire conversations through the webpage message feature. Silence will put a temporary block on sending messages and instead pop up a window with a message encouraging them to join the chatroom to continue the conversation. It will not restrict any other webpage functions. The rule of thumb is to not use this command until a user has sent at least 5 messages. This command can be issued in public or private:

silence Anonymous_User556315


The define command will define a specified word. The format has to be exact or the result will not be desireable. The word define has to be lower case and the first word. The word to define has to be the second word. Do not include Jeeves, or anything else in the command. There are two formats, both can be done publically or privately:
define word

The result will be the following:

<Jeeves> Defining word, number 1
<Jeeves> You asked me to define word. Its a noun. The definition: a unit of language that native speakers can identify
<Jeeves> There are 11 definitions total for word

That command returned the first definition. To retrieve another definition, append the number to the end of the command like this:

define word 5

The result:

<Jeeves> Defining word, number 5
<Jeeves> You asked me to define word. Its a noun. The definition: a promise
<Jeeves> There are 11 definitions total for word


The Flirt command will have Jeeves give a corny pickup line to a specified user. He will only flirt with people that he knows are female.

flirt with Leslie

If you want him to flirt with someone at random, just use the following command:


Jeeves Termination

Ops only. The Die command will cause Jeeves to quit irc and exit his program. It will restart immediately afterwards and he'll rejoin in a few seconds.