Object of the Day: Grappling Hook

This is a retractable grappling hook with a 25 foot nylon rope. If you turn the prongs around they will spin and collapse so you can store it flat.

When I was on a Senior Trip in high school, 6 of us were in a 3rd story hotel room and wanted to sneak out to go rent a movie at 1 am, well after cerfew. The mission was accomplished successfully, but we figured that with the use of a grappling hook, the job would have been much easier, as there were chaparones out and about to prevent just the sort of activity that we had planned. While they guarded the hallway, its doubtful they thought to watch the windows. :)

Of course, hindsight is 20/20 as they always say. And I've never had a chance to actually use this.

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