Object of the Day: Plasma Ball

The plasma ball. Its cool. Its made of glass. I've had many parties and amazingly enough it never broke. Here is its story:

I was working for a small training company back in 1992 doing general computer work. After a long day, I was cleaning out a back office and I found this box with the plasma ball in it. It was used once upon a time as an attraction for a store in Las Vegas. Well, it wasn't getting much use, so I hit up the owner and asked him how much he wanted for it. After a bit of hesitation, he simply told me to make it disappear and not worry about paying anything for it. So it now belongs to me!

Its one of the four electronic marvels I have. The lava lamp, and fibre optic flower are two of the others. The remaining one, will be a surprise for later.

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