Object of the Day: Vacuum Cleaner

Contrary to popular belief by anyone who has ever seen my house in all its glory, dust bunnies and all, I actually DO own a vacuum cleaner, and here is the proof. No, I did not go out and steal a vacuum cleaner for the sole purpose of attempting to prove that I have one. Its mine. Really, and every so often, I even USE it. Although I have lost it for extended periods of time before. You remember how you have something, and you set it down someplace, then two years later, you look around and see something that reminds you that once upon a time you had something... well, I look around, or walk around, and sneeze and a huge plume of dust blows around and I suddenly recall that somewhere, someplace, somehow, I own a vacuum cleaner. Then the hunt is on to figure out where I buried it, so that in 6-7 months when I suddenly had the urge to clean, I might actually pull it out and use it before the urge escapes me.

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