Network Layout

This page describes the extended DMI network layout, including the main servers and all the devices on the network at home.

Machine NameIPDate ActivatedDevice InfoPurpose
Nova192.168.78.112/19/20032.2ghz Celeron.
256M ram
Redhat 8
Lampmaster client for all X10 modules.
80 Gigs of internal network storage.
300 Gigs of external network storage.
Bastille192.168.78.212/22/20031.7ghz Celeron
256M ram
Redhat 8
Firewall and router for the network.
80 Gigs of internal network storage.
Amadeus192.168.78.31/8/20092.4ghiz P4
512M ram
Redhat Enterprise 5
Scream machine.
80 gigs internal storage
Restil192.168.78.2110/18/2007AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200.
2G ram
Windows XP
Restil's Workstation
Gertie192.168.78.22Gertie's Machine
Allegria192.168.78.40Master Bedroom Machine
Hal192.168.78.494/9/20042.0 ghh Celeron
256M Ram.
Fedora Core 3.
Player and video source for movies and TV shows on channel 90.
Primary network file server.
320 gigs internal storage.
1.3TB external storage.
Kitchen192.168.78.57Computer for the kitchen.
Officecam1192.168.78.71The Office Cam.
HP2600n192.168.78.81The HP 2600n Color Laser Printer
AP1192.168.78.160Wireless Access Point
Marjorie-PC192.168.78.162Marjorie's Machine
TS7200192.168.78.170The Critter's Computer