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Is This Site Fake?

July 7, 2002 19:54

The great majority of the people who visit here realize that this site is real. Some of you are sceptical at first, but after playing around for a couple minutes settle your doubts. However, there is always a small percentage of you that figure this MUST be fake, and brag your halfwashed theories about it elsewhere. You only display your own ignorance.

I understand that the very nature of the internet has given people cause to be sceptical. We get dozens of emails every day promising things we know to be fake, sometimes in the form of chain letters forwarded by people we supposively know and trust. "girls" you talk to on IRC might not look like the picture they send, or they might be FBI agents. The whole dotcom fiasco was built from the ground up on the basis that a few people should get rich off of the suffering of many. So yes, its simple to stumble upon something unusual and instantly assume its not real. However, to accuse people of being fakes without evidence makes you look like an idiot. So to save you the potential embarassment, I will give you a guide to figuring out if this site is fake.

First of all, consider if this site is POSSIBLE. Its it POSSIBLE for lamps to be controlled from a web page? Has ANYONE ever done it before? Is there, anywhere in the world that people have computers controlling electrical appliances? If your answer is no, then go check out X10. This is a company that sells simple consumer grade modules to do this very thing, and they're so easy to operate that it literally is as easy as plugging it into the electrical socket.

Another thing to consider about web pages. If a computer can do it, you can do it over the internet through a webpage. YOU might not know how to, but that doesn't mean its not possible, or even simple for someone with a little bit of experience. This means, that it is very possible and even simple to get internet controlled lamps online. The only remaining factor is the webcam. However, there are THOUSANDS of webcam based sites on the internet. Some of them are more interesting than mine. This is nothing new. If any of this really shocks you, you've been living under a rock the last 20 years. Perhaps you should pay attention to the world around you and get your head out of your ass. Just a suggestion. Check the HOWTO page to gleen more detail on how this site was constructed and how it works.