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July 21, 2002 01:56

First off, I've added more pics to the slideshow. There's at least a day's worth now, maybe more. I've got about 4 day's worth to add yet as soon as I'm done going through them to clean out the empty rooms. At any time, I'll keep up to 2 gigs worth online, thats enough for at least a week's worth of pictures to go through. I'll burn them out and add new ones as the opportunities arise.

I'm glad to see some people leaving comments. I encourage everyone to do so. The more people that do, the more others will want to as well. Feel free to jump in and add your own two cents. :)

For some technical stuff, I tore apart the universal remote. Wiring it up should be pretty easy, although I was unable to test it with a diode. Of course, I was using LED's instead of regular diodes, which have more resistance, perhaps too much to make the connections. I'll have to pick up some regular diodes and test that out. If the diodes work, then a single transistor will also work. If not, I'll have to build a dual direction transistor circuit, or use relays. Relays are combersome and require an external power supply, so I'd like to avoid that option if possible.

I also opened up my VCR to find out why it was eating the tape. It inserts the tape fine, and plays it fine, but when you eject the tape, it doesn't properly recoil the tape, so its loose in the VCR with lots of places to catch on. I'm not exactly sure what its supposed to do. I might just take it in to get fixed if its not TOO expensive. It otherwise is a very good VCR. Hate to have it go to waste. Although, its not worth TOO much in repair costs.