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Google Snacks

August 22, 2002 02:36

doorbell More doorbells
doorbell pictures And more
hook up to your car computer with your home computer Someone has a nifty project in mind
beyond beavis and butthead Definitely something to get beyond.
"my cam is online" Or at least, a list of cams that were online during hte last google crawl
"steal my html code" Hmmmmmmmm...
daily planetary alignment graphs Umm....
What does the name Jessica mean? How the heck should I know?
ass view No idea
pics she doesn't know I took these Someone's desparate
webcam "turn on the lights" control strangers Hmm.. could be looking for me. Hard to say.
female pedophile pictures Variations of a common theme.
And of course, the typical wanking search, and quite a few searches for ex girlfriends, and even current girlfriends.