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August 31, 2002 20:09

Got a new HD. Its a 120 gig drive at 7200 RPM. Its taking a LONG time to format. No.. I mean it... a LONG time. :) Anyway, as soon as the smaller of the two partitions is done formatting I plan to copy the contents of the old drive onto it, and at some point start formatting the rest of the drive. Once that is completed, everything that once was, will be again.

In other news, I have completed my last can of Dr Pepper. I am now chugging down a 1 gallon jug of Hawaiian punch, which as it turns out is almost as bad for me as the Dr Pepper, and doesn't even contain that blessed hyper drug. I'm probably going to have to seek out alternative beverages, although it wasn't really my health that I was doing this for anyway. :)

The lawn's been mowed, and I'm looking forward to a nice quiet evening, unless someone comes over of course.