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What is a life?

October 03, 2002 13:15

It has become commonplace for people to tell me that I have no life or I need to get one. Normally, I shrug those people off as the moronic losers that they are as it doesn't really make any difference to me anyway. But I decided to think it over today, while talking with someone else who has no self proclaimed life.

So I did some research. Checking google, because if it isn't on google, it doesn't exist, I searched for "What is a life?". The results were less than useful. Some references to life magazine, a geneology site, some sports pages. Nothing I can extract any useful information from.

Not to be deterred, I did a search on "get a life". I got infromation on a TV show, an ad to attend a class, something about NSYNC which HAS to be off topic, something about the afterlife, and something about genetic programming. Drawing blanks here people.

So I ditched the research and decided to just make stuff up instead. So what all is involved in getting a life? The first thing everyone says is that I need to get a girlfriend. Well, I've had girlfriends in the past, and while that seemed to get me scorn from fellow members of the geek community, it didn't result in anyone thinking I had any more of a life than I did otherwise. And besides, while I like girls as much as the next guy, should I involve myself in a relationship, espeically when I'm not terribly eagar about being in one, just to escape the stigma of having no life, while adding a ton of extra stress and time consuming/wasting activities. I get into a relationship when I feel it benefits both me and her, not for the sake of having a life.

I don't get out much. Very true. Where would you suggest I go? Remember, I have FUN sitting in front of my computer. Therefore, doing ANYTHING that isn't fun for me better have significant benefits above and beyond the entertainment value I'm giving up in the process. Also, sitting at home is free. So if it costs me money, even small amounts, it better be DAMN worth it. Oh, and don't forget, it has to be something that is plenty of fun all by myself, since I won't have anyone to go with. Why? Because my friends are typically those that don't go out. Funny that I would befriend people that think the same way I do.

So that's your mission. Find me something to do that I can do alone, won't cost me any money, will be FAR more entertaining than sitting at home doing what I love, and will satisfy your personal need for me to get a life.