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Slideshow Conversationalists

June 02, 2003 22:18

Every so often, someone comes along, looks at the different webcams, stumbles upon the slideshow, see's a girl on there, and starts talking to her. Now, everyone with half an ounce of sense, or anyone that bothers to read the caption right below the picture will know that the slideshow is a sequence of prerecorded pictures, some from as many as 4 years ago. Some of these people will go on for up to an hour, usually with requests to remove various articles of clothing. Now, if it was someone who read and spoke no english, I would understand. But this clearly is not the case. These people either refuse to read, or refuse to accept the obvious. I will agree that some of the girls that visit here, and therefore appear on the slideshow, are somewhat drool inducing, but the site wasn't built around only rocket scientists in mind. People should be able to figure out that the slideshow isn't live. Heck, it's hard enough convincing some people that ANY of the cams are live, but I guess ignorance knows all extremes.

So now I'm pondering, what would be the best, least annoying, yet obvious method of informing those who just refuse to get it, that their comments and requests are falling, literally, upon deaf ears? Sugguestions are welcome.