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A Second Dose of Googlesnacks

June 09, 2003 21:23

How do you hook a keyboard up to a computer? Yes my friends, there IS a reason why AOL is still in business
image of a person fixing a car
# of people with the name Jessica Lies, damn lies, and statistics.
rc car know how It be like street skills man!
clean computer wires "how to" One has to wonder...
anal sex chat -gay -porn -free -XXX -live Umm... no.
"kidnapped|abducted" bride "pic|photo" People have the oddest fetishes
Unknown pics of people Being unpopular must be popular this year
pictures of people with the name of jessica Someone's got a thing for the name Jessica
strange things happening to your computer If only they knew....
harmless teen pranks Yes, it would appear that summer HAS started
how to drive that guy crazy Looking for outside assistance???
how to turn on a guy 1. Be female. 2. Act interested
Elizabeth Smart conspiracies Because the truth just isn't compelling enough.

And fear not, there was the normal selection of searches for unclothed teenage girls, with and without thongs.