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More stuff working

August 15, 2003 15:54
I have one cam working. The rotor isn't working yet and it looks out a window so the lighting isn't great, but it's currently the best location for it until I can rearrange things a bit. I got the doorbell server up and running so the comments work, as well as the lamp links, although there aren't any lamps to control yet, so we'll work on that. There's a 13 stage sprinkler system here with an unlimited water supply, although I can't subject it to the same hammering effect that I did at the old place, so I will devise a scheduling system by which people can control it.

Remember, I'm on a 64kbps isdn line right now, things WILL be slow. I don't want to hear complaints about it. There's nothing I can do and no broadband opportunities available here. In the near future, I'll attempt to offload some of the data to an offsite server, but for now, I'm stuck with this.

As with the previous crisis, we're working it out. It's going to be a long slow painful process to be sure. I'll keep you updated.