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6 more hours

August 22, 2003 13:18

For those who haven't figured it out YET.... TechTV's Techlive show is going to air a prerecorded interview with me at 7 pm (CST) tonight. Approximately 3 seconds after they announce the URL the site will promptly die, but that's to be expected and hopefully it will be accessable 10-15 minutes later when the initial onslaught dies down. I was hoping to be in the new place with decent bandwidth by the time it aired, but such is life.

I am planning to tape the show and post the relevant clip from the show as soon as I get a chance to encode it, probably a few hours after airtime. However, there are probably going to be thunderstorms in the area, and there's a chance it might knock out the dish signal and/or power. If anyone else is able to tape it and encode it, and would be willing to get this done shortly after the show airs, let me know. Even once I get it encoded, I will still have to send it to someone to mirror for me, and that will take time with my bandwidth gone. If someone else is able to do this, it would help a lot.

Yes, I know I could host it offsite, but I haven't had a chance to explore that option, and I wasn't expecting it to air as soon as it has, so I'm out of time, and even if someone dropped one in my lap today, there's little I could do to make it work in time. The site is extremely dynamic and heavily dependant on local data for display. Moving the site off network will take me a long time, and I don't have it today.