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Cam adding is now automated

March 01, 2004 11:00

Like the visitors page before it, you can now add your cam to the site without any intervention from me, although it's a tad more complicated. Go here and try it out if you want to add your cam to the site. I'll eventually try to add more consise instructions, especially with regards to configuring the programs and configuring routers. For those who know how, if anyone is interested in documenting a configuration routine, complete with screenshots, for those using various webcam programs, feel free and I'll add it to the instructions. Same with routers. Port forwarding and firewall configuration are the biggest holdups people are going to have. I also know there's a lot more webcam software out there than the two examples I'm listing, so gimme some names.

With the debut of my live screen capture on the site, suddenly everyone wanted to do it, so now desktop displays are a refresh option on the cam pages. If someone's desktop is available (and about half of them are now) it will be listed as Desktop in the refresh options and also a link under the cam image.