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Why you shouldn't embed images from other sites

February 10, 2005 19:24

Common net ettiquite demands, if you're going to use someone else's image on your site, copy it to your site first, and use it from there. The alternative is to link to the image. However, embedding images is bad for a number of reasons. First off, every hit on your page will result in a hit on my site. This uses my bandwidth for your pages. Secondly, images aren't always constant, and the site you're imagejacking might move images around from time to time, and this could result in dead images on your page, resulting in broken layout, which as we all know, just makes your site look bad.

And third, something like this could happen to you:

This Picture:

Becomes this picture:

On this page.

This picture:

Becomes this picture:

On this page.

The Top Referers page now lists the top 40 sites embedding images from my site. They might be worth checking out in the near future. :)