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Day 4 in Paris

April 24, 2015 23:28

We woke up, did the metro thing and hit the Cluny museum. In all respects, it's your typical museum of middle-age era artifacts. What I found really interesting about this particular complex wasn't so much the exhibits, but the fact that as you descended into the structure, you were clearly going back in time. The more subterrainian areas were clearly built several hundred years before the upper area, which were clearly several hundred years old itself.

We attempted to visit Arts and Meteors but it was closed on Monday, so we headed to Les Invalides, also known as Nepoleon's tomb. France certainly knows how to honor their dead Emperors. From there we walked through a Naval history museum, which was a large building with tons of model ships, submarines, and weapons, along with many paintings, busts, and statues.

We had a little time to kill before our Effiel tower ticket reservation time, so we took the metro to the tower, but bought and ate dinner on one of the benches across the river. Afterwards, we attempted uncessfully to ride up half an hour earlier, but were declined, so we had to wait until our appointed time came. At that point, we all walked into the base of the tower, climbed to the second level of a double-decker tram/elevator and rode it up to the second platform. Took some pictures from there, and then proceeded to a smaller elevator that took us to the top. Lack of personal space on these things is an understatement. We reached the top, took more pictures, then headed back down to the first platform. Wandered around a bit, took a few more pictures, hit the gift shop, then rode the elevator back to the ground level.

Leaving the tower, we walked down to the dock by the river, bought tickets, and then rode a river ferry tour that lasted about an hour. As we were floating back toward the dock, the tower lit up with flashing lights and music. We disembarked the ferry and walked several blocks, through a park, down a street and ate dinner at a brasserie. This was the first day that I completely drained the battery on the camera. A fully charged battery was enough to take 557 pictures and a short video. Not TOO bad I suppose.

After dinner, we took the metro back to the hotel and crashed.