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Why don't you just....

Why don't you get a better webcam.

Feel free to contribute a suggestion. I have the following minimal requirements: HDR support, wired IP camera only (no usb cameras), Pan/Tilt, MJPEG and preferably H.264 support, less than $250. Don't offer suggestions that don't meet ALL of those requirements.

Why don't you add more interactive items?

In the short period of a few minutes, you have seemingly summed up 19+ years of activity. There have been many dozens of controllable devices over the years, from lights to doorbells, to RC cars, to robots. I've had music control, audio streaming, and several cams in my house, all with pan/tilt, and for a while, dozens of cams in other people's houses as well. I've had live streaming of a dash cam plus GPS live updating map of where I'm driving. Some of these things have been depreciated due to circumstances of my living arrangements. Every house is different, and not all of them have a suitable place to mount a front door cam. Most others have gone away due to abuse. It is time consuming and expensive to add new items and keep them operational, and greater than 90% of the effort I put into the site is in preventing or mitigating abuse. At some point, it's not worth maintaining, and things will go away. So if you long for the days when there were more things to control, you can thank random idiots on the Internet for not being able to. There's no point in asking me about it, I'm already providing you everything I can.

Help! The camera won't move.

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