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NameStatusDescriptionEstimated HoursEstimated CostPurchase PriceEdit
Occupancy grid Submitted Design and develop the occupancy grid code to match a scan to the known environment, and determine the most likely position and orientation.
90 $0.00 $900.00
Build rangefinder array Submitted Build a rangefinder array that consists of an IR rangefinder and a sonar. The scan will use both, with the sonar being used with less resolution.
6 $40.00 $100.00
Dynamic rangefinding code Submitted Code will adjust the scanning speed and resolution to make faster scans when the critter is moving and more precise scans when it is idle. Change speed dynamically to make smaller steps when the objects are further, and faster when the objects are closer, to maintain a smooth scan with one pixel per inch with no gaps.
14 $0.00 $140.00

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