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RC Car is fixed

March 15, 2003 22:14

I finally managed to get to Tanner and buy some sockets. 60 cents of parts were all I needed to fix the silly thing. And it works. Now, if another transistor blows out, it will only take me about 5 minutes to fix it, instead of the hour+ it would have normally taken, not to mention, it won't cause any more damage to the circuit board. I'm planning to wire up the other car the same way, so all I'll have to do in the event of a break is to swap the top of the car and it'll be ready to go again. So go play with it! Before someone breaks it again. :)

I'm ready to start taking pictures for the visitors page again. So go ahead and email them to JPEG ONLY. No bmp's, no png's, no tga's. As close to 320x240 as possible. If not possible, the width=320 is preferable. Otherwise, the pic will be scaled to fit anyway, but in the interests of quality, 320x240 is best. Email them to If for any reason you don't see it on the visitors page in a week, just send it again. It IS possible that I simply forget about your email. It's not something you should take personally. Also, not that this should require an explaination, but make sure the pic is actually of YOU. Not of some japanese singer, and not of some chick involved in soft core porn. Sad as it might seem, I'll probably recognize it.