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A Number of Developments

May 27, 2003 00:41

I've successfully installed Slackware 9 on a test machine and I plan to upgrade the main server as soon as I have a new system for it. However, I have one nagging problem. Samba doesn't work with my network. It works fine on the Slack 7.0 system, however it will not work on Slack 9 or any late version of redhat, at least, not with the configuration I have. I don't use encryption for smb and I only use a guest account with no password, but it doesn't work, and so far, my efforts to make it work have been in vain.

I'm going to spend some time this week getting old features functional again. The car's working again now, but I also want to fix the FAQ, the doorbell, the barcode scanner, the object of the day, the motion sensor logs, and the # of people watching each cam. I'm also going to start some projects, even if I can't follow through completely on all of them. The universal remote interface for instance. I can rig it up and have it working, although it will be difficult to observe until I place a better positioned camera or video feed straight into a capture card. However, before I can do that, I need more capture cards.

I also need a linear radio amplifier that functions in the 49mhz range so I can give the car some better range. Right now, there are several places in the house that it loses its signal. Once the car can traverse the entire house, I can build a ramp so it can climb out of the living room and create some games involving the car.

I also need to permanantly solder my breadboard job that I currently use for the office lamp, sprinkler, and office cam rotor. A couple more panning rotors would be nice too, now that I have more linux boxes scattered around the house I can probably rig one up in the living room and lab without too much difficulty. A pan/tilt mount will be nice for the future, but right now, none of my cams have appropriate mounts on them that would facilitate attaching them to a surface that can tilt. I've had to resort to superglue to attach the office cam to the rotor, as nothing else will work.