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Next Project!

October 28, 2010 23:23

Of course, the next BIG project will be the Xmas display. I had a modest setup last year, but I'm going to ramp it up a bit this time. I had some signal issues with the X10 modules, so I'm going to go with strictly a relay or triac setup this year. I'm also wanting to integrate the music with the lights. I'm currently doing this with Vixen and a 8 port relay board, but I want to expand that, and also make the lights work from either the site OR the music syncing, AND allow people to control the light sequences from the site, and even submit their own. It all depends on how much time I have, of course. If I run out of time, I'll just stick with the turning on and off. I'll add an extra cam or two though.

I also have some database issues I need to take care of. The visitor and cam databases need their id's reindexed and I need to add code to prevent anything from screwing up those fields. I also need to prevent people from setting the id to 0, and there are a few other security issues I need to address, although I think I have those mostly solved. I also want to consider getting the image database working as well. I fear my design might have been far too grand. I was envisioning a system that could easily scale to handle 1 trillion images, and while that's a noble goal, and not terribly unrealistic (popular photo websites boast more than several billion images already), the simple fact is, I'm not going to become strictly a photo sharing site like those are, I just want the feature contained within my site to avoid the diluting effect I've been witnessing lately.

And more on that. My pagerank has dropped recently. That can have a lot to do with overall popularity, which granted is less than it was years ago, but it also has a lot to do with the diluting of content. Names, descriptions, and discussions about the site that are also mirrored elsewhere mean that there are less search combinations that lead exclusively to this site. Searching for "Restil" used to have this site as one of the first links on the front page, and now, I give up before I even find a link to the site, several pages later. It's still there of course, but since DMI is a diluted authority on all of those subjects now, it ranks lower on ALL searches that might otherwise lead people here. Of course, I can't really prove much of this, I only have past research information on how pagerank works overall, and there are many other factors involved as well. But it would still make sense for the future to keep all DMI related content ON the site itself and not have endless reposting and repeating of that content elsewhere.