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Redneck Neighbor

August 28, 2002 10:31

Yesterday I was linked to a really funny site. Basically, its the cronicles of someone's redneck neighbor who moves into a new neighborhood, and proceeds to make his house look like crap (in a very amusing way) and annoy the hell out of his neighbors, strange lawn ornaments, obnoxiously loud parties at 3 am, "testing" the lawnmower at midnight, etc.

Then I started thinking things over. That could be me. Granted, I don't take anything to NEARLY that extreme. But I have trash in the bushes. There's old newspapers on my front porch. The fence is missing a lot of boards. Heck, I even have one of those plastic pools. At least I don't keep my neighbors up at night, but I can imagine that they might consider my place to be somewhat of an eyesore, even if I don't see it myself. I think maybe this weekend, I'll spend a good solid day just cleaning stuff up. I'd hate to inspire someone to make a website like that about me. :)

I have approximately 15 Dr Peppers left, then I begin the Dr Pepper free lifestyle.