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12 cans left

August 29, 2002 01:58

Time runs short. 12 small cans remain, then the indefinite Dr Pepper fast begins. The challenge awaits me.

And more google snacks.

Pedophile Pics Without fail
richard garriot pics None of that here either
parent directory thong What is the deal with the thongs?!?!
captured webcam girls I sure hope they're talking about captured PICS.
computer controlled lawn sprinkler system time -fire Keep the fires out of it
girls of age 16 pics No 17 yr olds?? Oh well
vcr repair eating tape You mean they're not supposed to eat the tape?
Mind control Yeah, I wish.
thong + jpg + index Maybe I should start selling them....
elokainu no idea
aligators on the increase graphs And now for something completely different