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Abuse techniques for 6 yr olds

August 30, 2002 09:00

No, I'm not talking about abusing 6 year olds, I'm talking about abuse FROM 6 year olds. As much abuse as they're capable of dishing out, that is. Remember back when a 6 year old will discover a new insult, such as... oh... "nerd" and proceed to razz some poor outcast with it. And since it seemed to have a negative effect on the victim's self esteem, that word was added to the list of insults to use frequently in the future

Now fast forward to the future. It might be time to update that list. There are a large percentage of people these days that go out of their way to CALL themselves nerds. It's not only an insult, its a point of pride. You know that guy with the glasses, who spends all his time on the computer, has no social life, and is in his mid 20's. Guess what, that's probably EXACTLY what he wants. If you expect to get a rise out of him by calling him a nerd, you're horribly delusional. He's quite likely in fact to take it as a compliment and thank you for the kind comment.

However, since you feel the need to cut someone down lower than you feel yourself, and that will be a significant challenge, you're going to have to do a lot of work. You're going to have to come up with an insult that has nothing whatsoever to do with their profession, hobbies, school, appearance, social life, propensity for study, or lack of interest in what the world thinks of them. The adult nerds of the world have long since realized that YOU are the real loser in this world and nothing deragatory you say will ever matter. You're really going to have to work at it if you expect to get even a momentary sting from your intended victim. Its going to require a lot of time. Time you're going to have to take away from.... well... I guess you have a lot of time on your hands or you wouldn't bother. You apparently don't have much of a life either. But at least the nerds are happy about it. :)

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