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Making things go away by not talking about it

March 23, 2003 16:58

It has come to my attention that displaying to the world certain derogatory things that people were searching for when they find my site somehow means that I am making light of those subjects. Read the last news entry with a googlesnack entry and read the comments if you need some perspective on this.

Since obviously the mere mention of certain subjects is bad, I'm going to ponder a world where we don't talk about such things. Ever. Lets see how it would work.

Child abuse is a bad thing. Therefore, we shouldn't talk about it. If someone is abused, that person should be ignored when they talk about it, in fact, they should be encouraged to say NOTHING about it. Because talking about it is bad. The person that abused the child should be left alone. Because, in order to prosecute this person, we would need to hold a trial, which means you'll have prosecutors, defenders, judges, juries, witnesses, experts and the news media all TALKING ABOUT IT. The good, the bad, and the ugly. This is a bad thing, so prosecuting child abusers should be forbidden. Of course, this would leave them free to continue the activity, but as long as nobody ever talks about it, we'll never know about it, and that's as good as it not happening.

Now, I'm informing to the world that certain people are searching for pedophiles. This person might be looking for pictures of children, or they might be looking for a list of sex offenders to make sure they're not living next to one of them. No matter what they were looking for, it wasn't my site. And that's the point of the googlesnack. It points out hits on my site that were completely accidental. If I simply refuse to mention that someone was searching for "15 year old girls in thongs" that won't change the fact that someone actually searched for it. And it isn't very likely to give someone the idea. If they wanted to search for that type of subject matter, they already would be doing it, and nothing I say would make any difference.

To anyone who suffered abuse or any other trauma, I'm truely sorry. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm sorry that life didn't turn out perfectly for you. But you're not alone in this world. Very few people have had a rosy life. Everyone has problems, some more severe than yours and some less. But the important thing here is that you are STILL ALIVE. This means you have a lot going for you, and you should learn to cope with whatever ailments you suffered years and years ago. Spending your entire life seeking out things to get offended by means that you will have a miserable life, and it doesn't have to be that way, but at this point, there's nobody to blame but yourself. The world is an offensive place. There's war, murders, pornography, hate speech, pollution, medical malpractice, Southpark, a long list of four letter words, radio spectrum interference in violation of FCC regulations, and yes, even child abuse. You have two options, either raise your head high and venture out into the world and learn to deal with the chaos that governs the universe, or curl up into the fetal position until you die, saving yourself from the opportunity to get offended.

And the next time you read something you don't like, spend the time to absorb the full context so you can react in a civilized, orderly manner. People are much more likely to take you seriously if you sound like someone who's mentally sane. If you go off half cocked, calling people sick/perverted/whatever just because they said something that offended you without offering any reasonable argument or evidence, they're likely to dismiss you as an escaped mental patient who's desparately crawling your way back to the hospital. And that wouldn't be much of a stretch.