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Extremely offensive googlesnacks

March 24, 2003 16:54

Now that googlesnacks are now subject to the politically correct critique, I will be posting this googlesnack set with the appropriate set of disclaimers, to avoid any possibility of someone accidently getting offended, because we wouldn't want that to happen. So, for those of you who get offended by getting out of bed in the morning, STOP READING NOW!

"port 6508" Notice, this is not intended to be offensive to the 6502
DRIVE BY Notice, this is not intended to show insensitivity toward gang violence
grappling hook Notice, this is not meant to promote burglary.
female webcam This is not meant to be sexist
toilet pics By no means does this promote scatalogical interests.
rc car driving RC Cars might encourage people to drive real cars, and they pollute. It is not my intent to claim that pollution is good
NES light gun parallel port hardware Light guns might promote the use of real guns, and real guns can KILL PEOPLE!!!! I do not wish to endorse the senseless killing of people, OR tiny cute furry animals.
drive me crazy Please note, I do not wish to make light of the psychologically challenged.
Spst relay 12V free schematics I don't wish to promote that ALL information must be free, with no regards to copyright laws
radio shack pro 95 scanner serial cable Scanners can be used to listen in on private phone converstations. I hereby do NOT endorse listening to your neighbor's phone conversation while he and his wife have a brutal argument, and rebroadcasting it over the internet. Very bad.
my ex girlfriend pics This person MIGHT be looking for naked pictures of someone's ex girlfriend, distributed without her permission. Please understand that I do NOT endorse this.
7805 circuts The 7805 generates a regulated 5 volts, which could be offensive to people who prefer 9 volt circuits. Please understand, I'm not trying to promote 9 volt circuits over 5 volt circuits. They're both equally special in their own ways.
How To Hook Your Computer Up To Your TV This person might be trying to record tv shows to redistribute over the internet, which is clearly in violation of copyright law. I just don't want anyone thinking that I promote copyright violations.
'x10 appliances' X10 offends a lot of people with their popup ads. Although I use some of their products, I don't use the cameras that they promote in those popup ads, and I don't have popup ads on my site. Please... be gentle

Hopefully, nobody will get TOO offended by this googlesnack edition. If I manage to survive the backlash from the PC crowd, I might try some googlesnacks again in a few days. Enjoy :)