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Free CDs

May 21, 2003 10:06

So I'm shopping late last night at the grocery store. Although I went in there for exactly two things, I ended up with an armful of stuff by the time I got to the cash register, too many things I suddenly couldn't live without. Included in that was a 30 pack of CDRs. There was a bin full of them with a sign that said $7.99. Now, this isn't the cheapest price available for CDRs; I can get 50 for the same price at Fry's, but I needed them badly, and Fry's is a bit of a drive, so I figured it's worth the little extra cost, so I grabbed a spindle of them.

Got up to the register, and after all the items were scanned and the bill was totaled, I figured it seemed a bit high, but I handed over my money anyways. Then I glanced up at the screen and noticed the CDRs were marked at $12.99. So I pointed this out to the cashier and she called in management, and someone went to retrieve the sign and they unscanned the CDRs and everyone who had the capability to do an override left. It was confirmed that the sign said $7.99. Although the REAL price was $12.99, they said they'd give me the printed price, only fair after all. But suddenly nobody was around who had keys to do the override on the register, so the cashier couldn't rescan the CDRs or enter a new price for them, so she just quietly stuffed them in my bag and told me I'm getting them for free. Cool way to end the day. :)