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Follow the Patterns of Thought

May 22, 2003 01:32

Last night I "purchased" a 30 pack of CDRs, which meant today I had the opportunity to do some much needed housecleaning on my server's harddrives. Of course, no sooner than I was burning my second CD, I suddenly noticed this huge gap of recently liberated free space. Well, as nature abhors a vacuum, I abhor a hard disk with blank space, so I proceed to begin filling it, with the typical large swath of usenet downloads.

And as I play the game of trying to burn faster than I download, I start thinking about how much of my downstream bandwidth goes to waste. My upstream is well utilized, obviously, but I doubt I even take advantage of 10% of my downstream overall. Of course, part of the reason for this is that if I WAS using 100% of my downstream and saving everything I downloaded (which I am apt to do), I would need to burn a little more than one CD an hour. About 26-27 CDs a day. But what if.... I didn't actually have to download from usenet. What if all the groups I regularly access are already fully downloaded, up to date to the last minute, ready for me to access as I wish. It's hard to keep on top of these things, but if I could spend short bursts each day just copying off what I wanted as I wanted it, and burning it as needed, that could make sense. But to do that, I'd need a lot of spare HD space, and in light of recent events, that's one thing I don't have...... or do I.

See, the 120 gig HD crashed on me, although it still works. I just don't trust it. However, and fdisk and format of the drive, this time into more reasonable sized partitions, might just fix whatever weird problem I had with it. Of course, I wouldn't want to use it for anything even remotely important, but using it as a newsserver cache COULD work. Worst case, I just trash it and pull down stuff off usenet as I did before, no harm done. So all that's left to do now is to format the drive. But I can't do that until I've finished cleaning stuff off the last partition on that drive that was still accessible.

So I find myself going through some old mp3's that I had stored on there, and had set aside because I enjoyed them. Bands called Helloween, Falconer, Blind Guardian, several different Les Miserables recordings. And another directory containing the musical Urinetown. It's an interesting musical, that I recommend you listen to at least once, especially if you like musicals. One of the songs, "Don't be the bunny" has elements to it that reminded me of the Myth novels that I was reading during, and slightly after a relationship that kinda failed to ever get started. Brought back a few weird feelings just tracing through the pattern of thoughts in that, because that musical I listened to over and over again while I was getting over some things. Why, I don't know. It had nothing to do with us, or with her. But it was timely, and it had a very very loose connection to the books she'd introduced me to, and therefore I was reading.

So I continued to search the partition and I stumble across another directory, and in this directory there are more mp3 files, downloaded more recently. Like, in late October, and early November of last year. And instead of the stubborn feeling of regret for things that would never be that was tickled by the first musical discovery, the latter selection bought back memories of the first night I met someone. Someone very special to me. Feelings of joy. I knew there were some good memories on that evil HD somewhere.

Oh, and Weird Al has a new album out now. My favorite song from the new album is "Ode to a Superhero", a song about the Spiderman movie set to Billy Joel's Piano Man. Wonder if he's making a video for it... that'd be cool.