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Day 5 of Cruising

May 27, 2015 01:36

The next morning we at breakfast at Silk as they were doing a Dreamworks Character Breakfast. Basically the same meals they always served but with a glorifed menu and characters in costume. Strangely more adults here than children, but there weren't that many kids on the ship to begin with.

After the breakfast, we went to the Seaplex where Gertie tried her hand at some acrobatics. There was a short line and since I was standing around waiting anyway, I got volunteered to take pictures for a few other people as well. We wandered the ship a bit and took more pictures. Then it was time for the pub lunch.

We chose one of the many bars on the ship and had lunch there, as the name suggests. It was one of the group activities that Gertie was responsible for organizing. Sat around and talked, ate bar food and drank some drinks that the bartenders didn't seem capable of figuring out how to charge us for, so at least mine were free.

After that, we attended a hypontist show. Then it was time to get ready for our formal dinner at The Grande, which not only involved getting dressed up but also going in masquerade. We (well, Gertie), had a momentary panic attack when we couldn't find my dress pants. Turned out they had simply slid off the hanger and fell into the bottom of one of the closets, and I rediscovered them by digging a bit, but things got really tense for a while there. Crisis averted!

We then went to our meal and met up with a number of others from our group. I then got served the smallest lobster in history. I could have ordered seconds or something else along with it, I suppose, but I didn't worry about it too much. I wasn't terribly comfortable as it was and didn't feel like overindulging on food at that particular moment.

We had some interesting conversations with the group we were seated with. Afterwards we retired to the room.