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Day 6 of Cruising

May 27, 2015 01:42

Today was the day for Gertie to ride the ripcord, which involved her waiting for an hour and a half, and I got some more pictures of the boat and ocean while I waited to film the event. After that was done we snuck into one of the unoccupied elite areas and crawled into one of the lounge ... teardrops? to rest for a bit.

That evening was Gertie's second group activity that she was sponsoring, bumper cars. However, I was feeling a bit green, so I just went to bed early and slept until the next morning. I wasn't seasick, but I had some type of infection that got progressively worse over the next several days. Thankfully, it didn't get really bad until after we were back home, but I was clearly coming down with something at this point.