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Do you make any money from the site?

Since I don't see any way to donate money to you, I'm going to act like I want to, if only there were a way. So.... what gives?

For a number of reasons, I don't currently accept donations. First of all, the amount I would make would not be worth the effort of collecting it. Secondly, no matter how unconditional the donation might be, there's some expectation of a return on the investment, even if it's more of the same. And most offers to donate aren't so free of conditions. Third, I'm not interested in taking charity for a hobby. If you insist on sending money in my direction, either offer me a job or buy something from me.

Why not get a cafepress account?

I just saw your site and suddenly thought of a GREAT business idea. Want to go into business with me?

Do you have a job?

What is your job?

What is the power bill like?



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LED Matrix Sign

Why don't you just....

Help! The camera won't move.

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