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I'm supposed to act civilized. What does that mean?

If you really don't know, you're in the wrong place. However, for those who are merely curious, here are some basic guidelines. Avoid inapproprate or unnecessary use of foul language. Do not abuse other members of the site, or the site itself. Use proper english as best as you are able. Check the visitors page for information on people before bluntly demanding their vital statistics. Be polite. And have fun.

Am I allowed to advertise/pimp/spam my website/services on your site?

My brother/friend/some random wandering stranger accessed your site from my computer and abused it, and now my network is banned. What can I do?

What will happen if I write a script to turn your lights on and off every second?

I acted like an obnoxious tool, and now nobody will talk to me, what gives?


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LED Matrix Sign

Why don't you just....

Help! The camera won't move.

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