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When the critter is working, it is online most of the time when I'm home and awake. Keep in mind, during the week, this is about 3-4 hours a day, usually in the afternoons (CST). When it is NOT working, it is off and will likely remain off for quite a while before it is back up again. First off, everytime it breaks, it costs me about $20 and 4-6 hours to fix it. While it might APPEAR that I'm sitting around doing nothing, I'm usually always engaged in something that's more important than the critter. Fixing it means I have to stop pretty much everything I'm doing and devote that time exclusively to the project. It also means that I have to have my working area clean and all of my tools for the project in place. Also, it's possible I'm working on other projects around the house which make having the critter operational an unnecessary obstacle. There are currently issues with construction and storage which restrict the area the critter can roam around. It's also especially frustrating to me when people will daily pester me about when it will be online, I will do the work necessary to get it online, it will be operational for 3-4 days and nobody will touch it, and then some idiot will break it, and 5 minutes later, people will start pestering me about it again. Consider that the next time you want to ask where it is.

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