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Hacing, the new internet sport

August 23, 2002 23:27

Of course, we don't really know what it is yet. We just came up with the word, typoed by our good friend X10N, then changed into the present participle form. However, we feel that it best fits the phrase "hack racing". Of course, this is equally meaningless, but it's more than enough to spawn a dotcom from and demand 7+ figures of venture capital. Well, 3 years ago maybe. Too bad the .com domain for it is taken, but there will be other typos, and other newfound unrealized internet crazes that must be taken up.

And more google snacks:

Showtime AND X10 AND download No idea.
paul mathis web cam Oh crap! They found me.
robert asprin thieves world warez I have no idea what these words have to do with each other.
"No Mp3 Disk"
php outburst ip logging
chime clock for your computer
strange uses for pc joystick Please don't tell me. I don't want to know.
spy on whats been typed on your computer Its called a keylogger.