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Jeeves is getting better

August 26, 2002 00:17

I finally spent some time on Jeeves and I've got his functionality fully converted to the new system, and I'm going to slowly remove the old code once I'm sure none of it is in use anymore. Of course, there's still some parsing traps, but now that the primary bug has been squashed, he should continue to grow. The current focus is on the recursive knowledge tree.

And some more google snacks:

funny websites Uhhhhhh
index parent size thong jpg Just don't tell me that there are children sized thongs.
drive me insane Looking for me?
SPY FOR THE QUEEN And the first stop is.... My site!
drive me insane Again. Either someone's looking for me, or someone has an insanity complex
38d +pictures What is this?? A pron site?? Move along people!
use webcam to record doorbell Yay! something appropriate
timeline of major events that have occured since 1986 Way off
pics+of+little+girls+under+age+17 Its all about the pedophilia war. And they're fighting on both sides.
+webcam +dare cute hot Not sure I want to know
pics of people playing games What KIND of games??????