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Where is all the other stuff that used to be on this site? And is it coming back?

In addition to the lamps and a semi-functional rc vehicle, I also used to have doorbell logs, motion sensor logs, a lot more lamps and cams in my own house, a current grocery inventory, and controllable plush toys of the "push the button and make it sing and dance" variety. Most of these features are still possible and will likely return in the future. The problem right now is simply one of space. The construction in my house creates two problems. It creates a mess which we don't want visible to the world, and because of the mess, I have less available space to set up cams, devices, and other fun stuff. I can't build proper storage facilities in the house until all the walls are properly put together, and as such, the problem persists. In time, these features will return. In time.

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