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Where is all the other stuff that used to be on this site? And is it coming back?

Why does it say my message needs to be moderated?

Don't worry, you *probably* didn't do anything wrong. However, no matter how smart I can make an abuse filter, a program can't catch everything. It's pretty easy to identify definite abuse, and completely harmless stuff is pretty simple to figure out too. But there's a huge grey area in between that it really takes a human to verify. Right now there are about 80 different checks for possible abuse, and a positive on any of them will result in the message requiring moderation. For instance, being one letter off on a cussword will trigger it. Once a moderator has moderated the message (which will usually happen in a matter of seconds), the original message will be displayed for you, and the message will get sent to its intended recipent.
A short list of some of the things it checks for: Being one letter (or sometimes two) off from a cussword, any word that contains most of a cussword in the spelling, new visitors are triggere more often than older ones, a large amount of recently blocked users will raise the bar for moderation on ALL messages... for a while. Visiting from certain geographical areas triggers moderation more often, as will visiting from a network of anyone that has been blocked. Repeating the same thing multiple times will raise your threat level, as will speaking non-english words repeatedly. Eventually I will incorporate a grammar filter as well, so if your language is extremely broken, it will also trigger it. MANY phrases which have a possible sexual meaning will trigger it.

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