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How much would this cost to duplicate?

How much time did this take to set up?

Are all the cams in one house?

Can we upload music?

Although it was allowed in the past, at present, that option is currently unavailable. There are a few reasons. First off, back when that option was available, the webserver was located at my home, on the same network that my music player accessed locally. Now the server is located offsite, making access to the files by the player a combersome one at best. In order to facilitate this, it will be required to first upload the files to the server, then transfer them to my home network. More importantly, I no longer live alone. With kids in the house all the time now, the selection of music that I can allow to be played has to conform to something reasonably family friendly. Certain choice songs by Johnny Rebel, David Allen Coe, and the Southpark movie soundtrack are no longer acceptable. This means I will have to pre-screen everything uploaded to be sure it's not going to be a problem, and this will have to take place before you're able to add it to the playlist. Obviously, this delay will be annoying at best. So will I ever allow music uploads again? Perhaps, but there's no estimated timetable for it, and it's not something I'm working on, nor do I plan to anytime in the near future.

Anything related to Big Bang Theory

How is the insanity level calculated?

How did you change my webpage?

Did you know that you were linked to from [INSERT SITE HERE]?

Are you planning to install any more devices/cams/features/etc?

What's up with the screams?

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