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Is this for real?

How long has the site been running

Why is the site called DriveMeInsane.com

What are the specs on the server

How much bandwidth does this need/use?

How do the lamps work?

How many visitors does the site get?

How much would this cost to duplicate?

The startup costs vary depending on what you want online. At the minimum, you'd need a computer, a camera, and an internet connection, two of which you probably already have. Cams cost as little as $10 for something simple and cheap and can cost over $100 for something of better quality with pan/tilt/zoom functions built in. You can build a relay controllable lamp for about $10 or buy a X10 startup kit for $40 which includes two modules. How much you spend on hosting ultimately depends on the traffic requirements. I spend $100 a month on the main server, but I also use it for other things besides just the site.

How much time did this take to set up?

Are all the cams in one house?

Can we upload music?

Anything related to Big Bang Theory

How is the insanity level calculated?

How did you change my webpage?

Did you know that you were linked to from [INSERT SITE HERE]?

Are you planning to install any more devices/cams/features/etc?

What's up with the screams?

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