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Are all the cams in one house?

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Anything related to Big Bang Theory

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Did you know that you were linked to from [INSERT SITE HERE]?

I am well aware of every site that links to me, from the large sites and services like slashdot, reddit, stumbleupon, etc, to the individual forum, myspace, and facebook links. I have a realtime, updated listing of everyone who is currently on the site, and what site they came from to get here. Anytime I spot a referer link I haven't seen before, I typically check it out (if possible), and in the case of forums or personal links, I'll usually include a brief "Thanks for the plug" message, along with answering any simple questions that have been asked about the site in those forums. Rest assured, if you followed a link to get here, I'm well aware of it and the potential impact it's going to have. HOWEVER... if you didn't follow a link here and instead got here because you read it in a newspaper/magazine article, or heard it on the radio or saw it on TV, I'm interested in hearing about it.

Are you planning to install any more devices/cams/features/etc?

What's up with the screams?

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