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Why do you do this?

Do you do this all day?

During the week, on days that I'm not working, I will spend about 4 hours in front of the camera, although not all at the same time. On weekends, it might be more or fewer depending on what I'm doing that day. However, just because you see me does not mean I'm actively involved with the site. When you ask if I "do this", the operation of the site is not something that requires my undivided attention. I'm normally either working or doing something of an entertaining nature while on the computer, and I only pause to respond to questions asked by those on the site.

Is this all you ever do?

I see you're at home, how can I contact you?

Why are you picking your nose?

Why won't you do anything fun for the camera?

Do you ever meet anyone from the site

I live near you and want to know if I can just drop by sometime?

Don't the lamps turning on and off all the time bother you?

Doesn't it bother you that people all over the world are watching you?

I don't like your layout and I know I can do better. How can I help?

What's your relationship status?

How much time do you spend doing this?

Who is that behind you?

Will you discuss politics or religion

Don't you get bored doing this?

You really should be using #### distro because it's better than whatever it happens to be you're using.

What do you beneift from this

Will you dance?

Do you like being watched

Anything involving alcohol??

What do your neighbors think of this

Do you play WOW?

What do you do on here?

What kind of pizza is that?

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Lamps and Other Devices


LED Matrix Sign

Why don't you just....

Help! The camera won't move.

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