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Why do you do this?

Do you do this all day?

Is this all you ever do?

I see you're at home, how can I contact you?

Why are you picking your nose?

Why won't you do anything fun for the camera?

Do you ever meet anyone from the site

I live near you and want to know if I can just drop by sometime?

Don't the lamps turning on and off all the time bother you?

Doesn't it bother you that people all over the world are watching you?

I don't like your layout and I know I can do better. How can I help?

What's your relationship status?

How much time do you spend doing this?

Who is that behind you?

Will you discuss politics or religion

Don't you get bored doing this?

You really should be using #### distro because it's better than whatever it happens to be you're using.

What do you beneift from this

Will you dance?

Do you like being watched

Anything involving alcohol??

What do your neighbors think of this

Do you play WOW?

What do you do on here?

The office and South Living room cams are in my house, as are the critter, IPcam, hallway and whatever other cams may be online at the time. I live in this house, and if I'm currently at home, not sleeping, not working on the house, or doing chores, or other activies that require facilities not in one of the rooms that have cams, I will likely be in the office, sitting at the desk, my chair placed in view of the office cam. On weekdays, I will likely be here 2-3 hours a day, weekends a few hours longer. While I'm in the office I may be engaged in any number of possible activities. These include, but are not limited to: watching TV shows, videos, or movies, listening to music, chatting, programming on the site, talking on the phone, writing, drawing, talking to Gertie or guests. I might be playing games, including SC2, HL2, Crysis 2, Portal 1 and 2, Doom 3, Trine 2, and Rogue. If I'm sitting at one of the tables in the back or side of the room, I'm probably working on some electronics, likely part of another project for the site. Sometimes I just nod off in my chair. All of this happens irrespective of the fact that the cams, lamps, sign, and critter are active. I just go about my business and have little personal interaction with the site itself. I will occasionally physically or audibly respond to simple requests if I'm in the mood and not otherwise busy, and I will usually respond to all text messages sent from the site and usually engage conversation in the chatroom.

What kind of pizza is that?

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LED Matrix Sign

Why don't you just....

Help! The camera won't move.

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